We offer all of our customers exceptional UK based technical support

From initial specification of projects through to industry leading after-sales support and training, CYP provide our partners with complete confidence in the AV solutions they deliver. Our full time UK based technical support team are available by phone or email from 9am-6pm, 5 days per week.

Wide-scale audiovisual entertainment area-European Large Sports Bar

European Large Sports Bar Visiting a sports bar to watch live games, savour delicious food and soak up the lively atmosphere is a common daily routine for sports enthusiasts. With the installation of large TV monitors and surround sound systems, customers can feel the thrill of watching matches as if they were at the stadium. … Continue reading Wide-scale audiovisual entertainment area-European Large Sports Bar


Critical Command Centre Communications

In any industrial application, real-time monitoring is essential. Whether being utilised in a factory control room, a power station or a medical institution, even the slightest latency can have crucial consequences, as can any delay in switching between sources. This sounds simple but, due to the vast lengths of the cabling requirements, standard interfaces are just … Continue reading Critical Command Centre Communications


CYP IP-7000 and IP-CS7 – AV over IP has never been this simple!

When faced with the prospect of having to power up and switch 32 displays between 8 Sky sources, the owner of the Moretown Belle Sports Bar turned to CYP to help create a simple yet effective AV distribution system that allowed total control from a central location. Crucially, he needed his staff to be able to use … Continue reading CYP IP-7000 and IP-CS7 – AV over IP has never been this simple!


Hyshare From CYP – Enhancing Medical Care Wirelessly

For any modern-day medical procedure, reliance on technology is essential.  This is even more important when the technology is monitoring patient care.  When setting up its isolation wards, one hospital  in Taiwan wanted to monitor its anesthesia and ventilation machines remotely, so as to cause minimal patient disturbance and maximum isolation.  Crucially, they needed the data transmission to be … Continue reading Hyshare From CYP – Enhancing Medical Care Wirelessly


Control Center with CYP SDVoE Solutions

Switching from source to source with minimal delay can be crucial in high pressure environments such as medical (OR), control rooms and security systems (CCTV cameras). Our SDVOE system offers almost instant switching, thanks to SDVoE’s inherent low latency and the receivers’ in-built scaler. Put simply, the operator can preview what is playing from any source … Continue reading Control Center with CYP SDVoE Solutions


Smart Learning, For Everyone

Technology now plays a large part in today’s teaching environments.  From large lecture halls through to single classrooms, teachers now use interactive screens and whiteboards to present dynamic content to their students, whilst distance learning has now become a standard feature. By incorporating Pro AV technology into the classroom, teaching institutions can now offer a … Continue reading Smart Learning, For Everyone


ISE 2023 – Relax With a Free Coffee on CYP!

We are really excited to be exhibiting at ISE 2023 and have packed our booth full of new technology and products, many of which are premiering at the show! Four Live Demos! Covering four key industry categories, we will be demonstrating new technology aimed specifically at medical, commercial, education and meeting room scenarios. Grab a … Continue reading ISE 2023 – Relax With a Free Coffee on CYP!


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CYP Europe launches exciting new 8K Matrix that redefines quality and definition


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Learn about CYP’s AVX-101F-Kit. This cutting-edge product will link with the RX352