10G AV over IP Streaming System H.264/265

As we are all aware, the training period for medical students is a very long process spanning up to 10 years in some cases. With the assistance of ground-breaking technology, surgeons are now able to learn via audio and video recordings made by their peers across the world. This technological development has drastically increased efficiency in the training process. These CYP medical integration solutions can simultane- ously handle multiple image source switching, data capture, video recording, and content playback, without distortion or information loss, via the local intranet of the medical institution, greatly increasing access to critical imagery, video, and data. In addition, integrated support for cloud sharing allows for real-time monitoring of medical imagery, via a medical institution’s external network, on authorized medical staff’s portable mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It can also be used to integrate a wide range of medical diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound, endoscope, vital signs, anesthetic machines, and more. This CYP medical integration solution has already been successfully implemented in major hospitals and medical institutions around the world.

Supports multiple input - output interfaces and Multi-Window Display

Able to extend 4K video without distortion

Streamline video and image management

Sharing with students and other specuialists at remote locations

Selection Guide

ModelDescriptionMain Features

Audio over IP Receiver for IP-7000 Series

  • 10G Based AV over IP
  • Ultra-low latency

Multi-view with Video Capture

  • Effortless Configuration
  • Multiple modes
  • Simple Setting Access
3 MED-VPR-6110

Digital Video Recorder

  • 3 .5” build-in display for preview/playback
  • Auto-Signal detection and auto-resolution setting
  • Multiple format Inputs & Pass-Through (One video source at once)
4 MED-VPR-8430

PC-based Multi-viewer with Capture

  • Power-isolated HDMI, RS-232, and LAN ports
  • Video source previewing
  • Intel processor

SDVoE Master Controller

  • Powerful & flexible controller for all SDVoE hardware
  • Drag & Drop Control
  • HDMI & USB output for direct WebGUI access

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